Honda Civic Type R meets S2000 on track - video

Front- or rear-wheel drive? Turbo or naturally aspirated? Only one way to find out...
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The latest Honda Civic Type R has already established itself as one of the meanest, quickest hatchbacks going around – then again, it would want to be, given its storied lineage.

Along with a history of quick, front-drive hatchbacks, Honda has the S2000 in its back catalogue. Sure, it's a rear-wheel drive convertible, but the idea of putting one head-to-head with the latest Type R is still tasty.

With an engine and transmission from a later AP2-generation car, the AP1 used in this video isn't quite stock. It's also running a custom intake and exhaust, coil overs and a bespoke aero package.

It's up against a Civic Type R running 19-inch wheels and Continental Extreme Contact Sport tyres, along with a louder exhaust.

Which one is quicker around a track? Check out the video below to find out.