Tata Nano Convertible?

The cute little Nano from the country of a thousand bikes (per square inch) is now available in drop-top form. Not really, actually. But this one is pretty cool. It's an in-house-only concept made for running around visitors at the Tata factory in India.
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Although taking the roof off a car is like removing a leg from a table, the Tata Nano drop-top sedan is just a demonstration of how focused Tata is on producing cars that fit into their market. Avid fans of the original Nano may notice the additional spiffy graphics splashed up the side and the sporty side step bars on this drop-top version too, a way of Tata celebrating how effective the car has been.

Safe? Well, you have to keep in mind the Nano was produced as an alternative to riding small, often quite old and dangerous little scooters and motorised push-bikes around in very thick traffic. The Nano keeps commuters dry and at least there's a panel of some description separating the driver from possible traffic carnage. This drop-top version could actually compare well on the streets of India!

With: Wheelosphere