Porsche 911: Range explained, bottom to top

Get the full breakdown of the 911 line-up, in all its complicated glory.
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Putting things nicely, the Porsche 911 range is quite... busy. There's the base Carrera and Carrera S, along with the lighter Carrera T, before the range ascends through hotter GTS models, a trio of Targa variants, motorsport cars and the Turbo range. Phew.

This video, put together by Porsche itself, sets out to explain the difference between a regular 911 trim and a package is.

Beware, it's not a short video. It barely sneaks under the five-minute mark, but it's interesting to hear how Porsche sees each model in its line-up, and where each has taken its naming inspiration.

Of course, a new 911 is expected to launch at the Los Angeles motor show next month, so this video may well be out of date within a matter of weeks.