Audi says it'll be four weeks, but the hold-up could be much longer than that.
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Audi has been forced to delay its first all-electric production car, the e-tron quattro, by around four weeks because of a software bug.

According to Automotive News Europe, a spokesperson for the brand said a new piece of software in the pure-electric Audi needs regulatory clearance before deliveries can kick off.

At launch, the car was slated for a European market arrival at the end of 2018. It's meant to be touching down in Australia by the middle of 2019.

The problem was initially reported by Bild am Sontag in Germany, which suggested it could actually hold back production by a number of months.

The newspaper quotes a spokesman saying the tweaks are an "improvement in the interests of the buyer" – bear in mind, that's translated from German.

According to the same report, Audi has been locked in negotiations with LG Chem in South Korea over the price of batteries. If it's to be believed, LG wants to bump prices by around 10 per cent in the face of high global demand, which could have an impact on the e-tron's price.

Along with Volkswagen Group, LG supplies batteries to Daimler.