This week, a pair of seven-seat family haulers go head-to-head.
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Alpine Australia managing director, Andrew Moore, made no bones about the fact the new A110 is targeted directly at the Porsche 718 Cayman.

If our latest poll is any guide, the reborn French brand has its work cut out taking on the four-cylinder, mid-engined Porsche. Just 17 per cent of people favoured the A110 over the Cayman, one the largest margin we've seen since starting the polls earlier this year.

Although it's chasing the Cayman, there will be very few A110's on our roads over the next few years. Just 60 will be coming this year, with a further 90-100 offered in our market throughout 2019.

Brighton Renault will be the only dealer from launch, with a second site in Sydney likely to follow.


Holden's Acadia is officially here, gunning for the Toyota Kluger with a 3.6-litre naturally-aspirated V6 engine and space for seven. Put your sensible hat on for a second and decide: which one would you take?

UPDATE: It looks like Facebook is doing silly things with its embedded media, as the poll options are no longer appearing above. For now, if you'd like to vote, head to our Facebook post. Otherwise, stay tuned for the results next week.