BMW Z Spyder Stradale

A BMW insider has revealed on a BMW Blog that the German carmaker is planning to launch a premium ‘Green’ roadster, based on the Vision Efficient-Dynamics concept shown at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.
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The “Z Spyder Stradale” will most likely start with an aluminium space frame with very short front and rear overhangs.

The term Spyder Stradale is not new to BMW, who use the term for the beautiful 328 Milli Miglia in the '1930's

Pushing for the project is Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the Board for BMW, who was a supporter of the Z6 model, first mentioned back in 2006.

That said this is more likely to become the successor to the superb BMW Z8, which could be powered by the same twin turbo V8 that currently sits under the bonnet of the super quick SUV, the X6 M.

The above rendering is of the 2005 BMW concept, the California Spyder, rumoured to have been powered by the same V10 powerplant from that year's 552kW F1 car.

Features on the new concept are said to include a; sharkskin interior, lightweight bucket seats, two-piece folding hardtop made from carbon fibre, active aerodynamics and LED Daytime running lights.

Now that there are a few signs of a financial recovery in Europe and the US, notwithstanding the Greek crisis, this project may just get off the ground with deliveries possible in 2014.