Ride-sharing rivals face off - drag race

Which mode of back-seat transport is best? Here's a hint – it's a combination of all three.
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We've published our fair share of drag race videos, but this one is a bit different. Of the Toyota Prius favoured by British Uber drivers, the diesel Ford people mover beloved by private cabbies and a new London taxi, which is quickest in a straight line?

It's a close race on paper. The hybrid Toyota puts out a combined 90kW of power, while the Ford Galaxy used here offers 88kW from its EcoBlue diesel engine. The new London cab might be a plug-in hybrid, and it might be the most powerful car here, but it also weighs more than two tonnes.

Here, the trio face off in a drag race, a brake test and a rolling acceleration challenge. Which comes out on top? You'll have to watch.