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Toyota Supra could become a convertible

And the BMW Z4 could become a coupe, though nothing is confirmed at this stage...
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Despite sharing a platform with the all-new BMW Z4 convertible, Toyota made no mention of a drop-top Supra, but that could all change with future model updates.

Speaking to media at the global drive of the all-new 2019 Toyota Supra, assistant chief engineer, Masayuki Kai, told media that they haven't ruled out introducing a convertible version of the Supra down the line.

"As for now, yes. But, if BMW wants to make a coupe, it's their own decision. There is no restriction – for example, if we want, we can also make a open roof Supra. But, this is currently not being investigated. Never say never, everything is possible," said Kai.

Above: 2019 BMW Z4

The beauty of the collaboration between BMW and Toyota is that both models exist in different markets and different segments. If BMW was to go down the path of a hard top Z4 or if Toyota developed a convertible Supra, pricing, specifications and driving characteristics would mean both vehicles wouldn't rob sales from each other.

And, while the convertible sports car market is barely booming, it would feel like a missed opportunity if Toyota didn't pull the trigger on a fast, sporting open-top sports car.

Would you buy a convertible Supra if it didn't compromise on performance?