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2020 Porsche 911 GT3 to go turbo - report

Next-gen sports car range to go all turbo and offer plug-in hybrid power.
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The next-generation Porsche 911 GT3 could finally succumb to turbocharging, according to a new report out of the UK.

Autocar cites a "Stuttgart-based source with direct links to Porsche Motorsport", claiming the next GT3, likely to surface around 2020, will get a "reworked version" of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat six destined for the 911 Turbo.

In the 911 Turbo, the engine is believed to put out around 572bhp (426kW), about the same as the current Turbo S. For the 911 GT3, it's expected the blown flat-six will make around 513bhp (382kW).

While the power output doesn't seem like much of an improvement given the GT3 RS currently makes 383kW from its 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated flat six, the turbocharged unit should make significantly more torque than the 460Nm produced by today's GT3, delivered a lot lower in the rev range.

In the current Turbo and Turbo S, the twin-turbo 3.8-litre motor makes 660Nm and 700Nm respectively, meaning a turbocharged GT3 could have a 200Nm advantage over the current naturally-aspirated model.

With the extra grunt, the GT3 could improve on its current 0-100 claim of 3.4 seconds, though considering its rear-wheel drivetrain there may not much more room to move. The biggest improvement will likely be in-gear acceleration, which will no doubt make the GT3 even more of a weapon on the race track.

In addition to a turbocharged 911 GT3, a plug-in hybrid 911 is all but confirmed for the next-gen sports car.

Considering the next-gen 911 has been spied almost completely undisguised several times recently, we'd argue an official launch isn't far away.

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