2007 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover have introduced the 2007 model Defender - a completely uncompromising off-road vehicle with a strong 59-year history as part of the armed-forces and other NGOs in over 100 countries.
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With increased ability both on and off road, the new Defender boasts increased comfort, performance and refinement.

"Defender's timeless exterior has become synonymous with functional design. Every line and surface seems to be linked to the vehicle's extraordinary capability, so we deliberately changed very little." Dave Saddington, Defender chief Designer.


The Defender's class-leading blend of towing and load-carrying versatility, alongside the vehicle's extraordinary strength, robustness and capability have helped to develop its exceptionally high standards of customer loyalty.

With roots dating back to 1948, the Defender has sold nearly 1.9 million units. Strong customer loyalty is backed by its class-leading blend of towing and load-carrying ability coupled with the Defender's extraordinary strength, robustness and capabilities.


A new 2.4-Litre turbo diesel provides improvements in both drivability and refinement. Torque output is higher than the previous model, with 360Nm peak available at only 2,000rpm, with 315Nm available throughout most of the rev-range.

The Defender also features a new anti-stall system which anticipates the driver's likely reactions by intelligently adjusting the engine systems to prevent stall


The engine's lubrication and sealing systems have been specially developed to cope with Defender's onerous range of operating angles.

A new six-speed manual transmission provides a much wider ratio spread than before, with a much lower first gear ratio for tackling rough terrain, and a new sixth gear to be set 20 per cent higher than the outgoing model's top gear to improve real-world cruising refinement and fuel economy.


In European markets, the Defender naturally adheres to EU4 emissions legislation, but as a global vehicle, a unique engine tune has also been developed to tolerate variable quality, high-sulphur fuels.

Whilst the exterior may remain true to its heritage, the interior has been revamped to provide all the modern creature comforts whilst still maintaining practicality.


The dash features all-LED instrument illumination, new passenger-side grab handles for two-handed support in rough terrain and versatile stowage shelves. Whilst for the first time, the in-car entertainment system features high-mounted tweeters for improved clarity and sound production.

Drawing back to the subtle practical improvements which have made this car so successful, a revised heater system warms the cabin 40 per cent quicker than before and can achieve cabin temperatures a full 12°C higher. The air-conditioning system can cool the cabin in half the time of the old unit, and achieve cabin temperatures 7°C lower too.


With such practical-minded design, and a strong 59 year reputation as one of the most robust and capable vehicles in any condition, the Defender is a rare breed of vehicle you would trust with your life.


Defender 110 Station Wagon $48,990
Defender 130 Crew Cab Chassis $50,990


Metallic Paint $900
7 Seats (110 model only) $2,000