Professional poker player, Van Marcus, was left poker faced when his $444,000 Ferrari F430 Spider was stolen in a valet parking disaster.
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The Pokerstars Asian Pacific Poker Tour champion, who pocketed an impressive $162,000 for his efforts, vented his frustration on facebook.

"Well at least I hold the record for the first Ferrari ever stolen in Australia..right outside crown casino Valet lol f*k my life!!," Marcus wrote.

The Ferrari 430 was recovered six hours later at a Caltex service station in Coolaroo.

Crown Casino say the incident was a one off and that the Casino had stringent valet policies before handing keys over.

"It has happened in the past from time to time that people lose their tickets, and in these circumstances we ask for proof of identification and a valid driver's licence. Those procedures were followed on this occasion," Crown Casino spokesmen, Gary O’ Neill told Fairfax.

It is uncertain whether the alleged offender, wearing a flannelette shirt and tracksuit pants, presented to parking attendants any identification or a ticket when he claimed the Ferrari F430.

A 32-year-old Broadmeadows man was arrested at the Coolaroo service station and has been charged with one count of motor vehicle theft.

Crown Casino who has CCTV camera footage of the incident, is co-operating with the police investigation.

Source: The Age