The future of Tesla coming to Australia could be in doubt due to co-founder Elon Musk’s expensive divorce case.
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Tesla, most famous for its Roadster Electric sports car, recently announced plans to come to Australia with the Tesla Roadster but all plans could now be on shaky ground.

The CEO’s ex-wife is reportedly seeking 10 percent of her husband's stake in the Tesla and $6 million.

The demands could complicate plans by Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk to take the company public and expand to 23 countries including Australia.

The divorce could also affect Tesla’s ability to retain $465 million in U.S. government funding to launch the Model electric car if Musk does not hold enough stock in Telsa.

Musk, co-founder and largest shareholder (81 million shares) in Tesla, could lose (under Californian law) half his shares to wife Justine if the post-martial agreement is deemed invalid.

Tesla has issued a statement saying plans to go public will continue to go ahead.

The divorce proceedings for Musk continue.