Speed Doesn't Kill - It's Official

There is only so much we can do at CarAdvice, we can show you all the evidence, we can tell you why, we can protest and we can advise, but one thing we can't do, is change the road rules.
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In our eternal struggle against the Speed-Camera-Madness, we are happy to report there is finally solid evidence from a reputable source that shows Speed is rarely the cause or contributing factor of road accidents.

When we say a reputable source, we mean the UK Department for Transport, the main body in charge of Britain's roads. The study, titled Road Casualties Great Britain 2006, studied over 145,798 road collisions in the UK last year

After millions of tax payer dollars have gone to waste in the state governments' Speed-Kills propaganda campaign, the evidence suggests otherwise.

"'Exceeding speed limit' was attributed to 3 percent of cars involved in accidents," the report stated.

Let's go ahead and add trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles and the figure rises to only five percent overall.

In Australia, speed camera infringements are on a steady climb, and so is the road toll. It doesn't take a genius to realise speed cameras do not save lives.

So what are the main causes of vehicle accidents? UK Police examine up to 77 factors on the scene of an accident.

"The most common factor is failed to look properly which contributed to 35 percent of accidents. Four of the six most frequently reported contributory factors involved driver or rider error or reaction," the report stated.

As for fatal accidents, the report blamed loss of control in 35 per cent of fatal accidents.

Presented with these figures, what would the Australian transport authorities do? As we've mentioned hundreds of times before, would advanced driver-training be a viable option? Perhaps, but it's easier, and more profitable to simply put a few more speed cameras about and call it a day.

It's time we put an end to this carnage, the transport authorities need to take full responsibility for continuing to ignore the real causes behind the rising road toll.

You can read the entire report here (5MB PDF).

Alborz Fallah