The purchase.
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To say we wouldn't be where we are today without certain cars would be a lie, the Toyota Supra being no exception. Back in 2009 StreetFX sold its old 1996 Supra to move on to bigger and better things, although the bug of the Supra lay in wait at the back of my head for many years after.

As sad as it was to see the old "WTF" drive off nearly 10 years ago, we had a feeling one day we'd be getting back behind the wheel of another 2J-powered Japanese icon.

Little did we know that these coveted vehicles would skyrocket in price over the following years as the USA became eligible to import the earlier models once they hit 25 years old.

Now every Supra owner seems to think they're sitting on a gold mine, pricing their cars accordingly, with $40k being barely enough to even get a peek into the market for a manual TT RZ. Yep, thanks USA.

Now we have all seen "The Fast and the Furious", and witnessed Toretto's demand – "you still owe me a 10 second car" – which just so happened to be a Toyota Supra that was given over to Dom in the closing scenes (10 seconds referring to the elapsed time required to complete 402m or the 1/4mi drag strip).

So we decided to find out exactly how hard it was to build ourselves a 10-second Supra, and so the journey begins here.

- The original "WTF" Supra, circa 2008.

- A rear shot of the original "WTF" Supra next to another car you may recognize from our garage, the "WTF-180".

With help from Global Motor Traders, we were lucky enough to be able to ourselves a 1998 Model 6 Speed Turbo Supra RZ-S. The RZ being identical in every way however all the "options" were standard (Recaros, 4 pot brakes, and some other minor tweaks). Our RZ-S was fully optioned with everything except the Recaros. Unfortunate as that is, since they are quite a comfortable race seat.

While the transaction for the vehicle was smooth, we can't say the same for the shipping company who stuffed us around for nearly a month while we waited for delivery of the car, which was ridiculous since it was located only 900km away. Fast forward a few weeks and managed to get it up to our garage so we could check it out and inspect what we had bought.

As with any car you buy interstate and sight unseen she was a little bit rough around the edges. A few things broken, rattles and knocks here and there, but it was a Supra, and it was what we were looking for.

- The new "WTF-2J" equipped with street legal drag radials after setting a base time on the quarter mile!

With our eyes on that respected "10 second" figure, we have a lot of special things in the works for this car. But we aren't just stopping with acceleration, we will explore and step you through many other logical mods and repairs for a car of its age, and a few we've never tried before to bring the car into the current century and be capable of everything from daily, strip and circuit.

We're excited to get to work on this car and make it truly live up to the standard of the other "WTF" cars in our line up.

We will be documenting the entire build on the "Street FX Motorsport TV" YouTube channel, so head over there and check out the first episode for a detailed look at the "WTF-2J" Supra.