This video has been doing the rounds online and we thought we may as well share it with you. Last week Volvo brought the world's press to admire its new collision warning system, which is suppose to detect an impending crash and apply the brakes automatically. Had it done that, this video wouldn't be so interesting:
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Reports say the Volvo S60 has previously done the demonstration many times but it was when the cameras were rolling that it failed to stop properly. Heading around 33 km/h towards a truck, the system failed to engage, leaving the Volvo with a rather nasty nose job.

According to the public relations team which went into damage control, the problem was caused by human error, possibly a result of the system not being properly engaged or the car's battery failing. Either way, it makes for a humorous video.

In the car's defence, even at 33 km/h frontal crash, the passenger compartment was completely intact.