2010 Isuzu D-MAX gains new look and features

Isuzu UTE Australia has moved on to its second generation of the Isuzu D-MAX boasting a refreshed look and added standard equipment.
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The D-MAX high-series LS-U 4x4 and LS 4x2 crew utes now feature a new design chrome grille with 'sabre-tooth' details plus new double-spoke alloy wheels.

The mid-range D-MAX SX 4x4 and 4x2 crew utes are now offered with an automatic transmission option, with cruise control standard on all SX variants.

Inside, the space cab interior has been upgraded from two seats to four while retaining considerable storage behind the front seats by utilizing a twin rear 'jump' seat arrangement with multiple folding modes.

“D-MAX has now been on sale in Australia for 18 months, so we decided to herald some running upgrades with a new look for our top-selling LS-U 4x4 and LS crew utes,” said Isuzu UTE Australia managing director Hitoshi Kono.

A few finishing touches have also been added to complete the overall package of the Isuzu D-MAX with all SX variants gaining five-speed intermittent wiper mode while silver hubcaps for the 16-inch drilled steel wheels replace black.

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  • $25,100 SX single cab/chassis manual
  • $30,700SX crew ute man
  • $33,700SX crew ute auto, includes Hi-Ride suspension pack (new)
  • $36,300 LS crew ute man, includes Hi-Ride suspension pack
  • $38,600LS crew ute auto, includes Hi-Ride suspension pack


  • $30,400EX single cab/chassis man
  • $34,000SX single cab/chassis man
  • $36,500SX space cab/chassis man
  • $38,700SX crew cab/chassis man
  • $38,600 SX crew ute man
  • $40,600SX crew ute auto (new)
  • $40,800LS-M crew ute man
  • $42,800LS-M crew ute auto
  • $42,500LS-U crew ute man
  • $44,500LS-U crew ute auto