2011 BMW 6 Series Convertible Spy Photos

Update 25th May 2010: More photos of this car added, now for the first time with the roof off. Expect to see the all-new BMW 6 Series Convertible unveiled later this year.
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With the 6 Series revamped, it would clear BMW of the bangle-butt era.

03/05/2010 -

This morning we got sent photos of the upcoming BMW 6 series convertible. Not exactly the first time we've spotted this car but this time around we managed to get some decent shots of the interior as well.

According to the photographers the testdrivers from BMW had parked the prototypes close to a fence and with the side windows down and they don’t miss a chance like that.

It appears the prototypes still have the fake rear window and so far we haven't seen any shots of it with the top down.

The 2011 BMW 6 Series Convertible is rumoured to be scheduled for unveiling at this year's Paris motorshow.

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