Among a few subtle tweaks to the hybrid Chevy.
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Chevrolet has announced a new, faster charging system for its Volt hybrid, helping halve the time required for a full battery.

The 7.2kW charger is aimed at owners who like "opportunity charging" – plugging in for a quick top-up when the chance arises – and drops full recharge time to 2.3 hours when hooked up to the right kind of socket.

With a full charge, the Volt will still do a claimed 85km on pure-electric power, or 675km utilising both the petrol range extender and electric power.

Along with the new charger, the 2019 Volt has gained the ability to use the battery pack for pre-heating in temperatures down to -25 degrees. New profiles for the regenerative braking system allow drivers to lean on the system more, and have tried to make operation feel smoother around town.

From 2019, the Volt gains a revised Energy App on its infotainment system, designed to provide more data about how different driving styles can improve/damage your fuel efficiency. Power seats have been added to the range-topping Premier, and are now available on the LT as a option.

As you can probably tell, this is very much an incremental update. Things like the pedestrian alert system (warning people when there's no engine noise), tyre fill alert, new seating patterns, a relocated wireless charging pad and fresh exterior colours have also been added to the roster.

The revised Volt will be on sale in Spring, Australian time. Unfortunately, it isn't built in right-hand drive, putting it off the table for our market.