Porsche 911 Speedster concept unveiled

Decision on production to be made in the next few months
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The Porsche 911 Speedster concept has been unveiled overnight, at an event to mark the brand's 70 years in the sports car business.

The concept's body is based on the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, but has a lower and more steeply raked windscreen, as well as appropriately resized side windows.

There's also a double bubble cover extending visually out of the front seats and hiding the car's rollover protection structure. The two humps are bridged by a pair of black slats, a bar lit up with the Porsche name, and a Plexiglas wind deflector engraved with a logo celebrating 70 years of sports cars.

Unlike the standard Carrera 4 Cabriolet, the Speedster concept has its front wings, front bonnet, and rear cover fashioned of carbon-fibre.

As befitting a speedster concept, this car eschews a convertible top for a tonneau cover, which can be attached via eight fasteners and can keep the interior dry when the vehicle is stationary.

Retro touches include Talbot-style wing mirrors, a unique set of headlight covers emblazoned with an X to recall the tape used to protect old racing lights, a body finished in a mixture of silver and white, gold Speedster lettering, and a fuel tank cap in the middle of the front bonnet.

On the inside there are carbon seats covered in soft brown leather, while the navigation, radio and air conditioning systems have been removed to save weight.

Under the skin, the Speedster derives its mechanical package from the 911 GT3 with a six-cylinder boxer engine developing over 370kW of power, and capable of revving to 9000rpm.

The concept is also fitted with a six-speed manual transmission, titanium tailpipes, and Fuchs-style 21-inch alloy wheels.

Officially, Porsche says it hasn't decided whether to turn the 911 Speedster concept into a production vehicle, with a decision due in the next few months. If it's given the thumbs up, the production version won't appear until 2019 at the earliest.