But Holden is 'always working' to get the latest tech for its cars
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Opel has announced a new infotainment system for the Insignia, complete with a wider range of connected services for the in-built satellite navigation.

Two tiers will be offered: Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro, both of which rely on the same 8.0-inch touchscreen offered in the current Commodore/Insignia.

Key among the upgrades is a raft of new connected navigation services, with live traffic reporting, real-time fuel prices, parking information and over-the-air map updates.

The live data is reliant on a tethered smartphone and its 4G connection, so you'll want to make sure your data plan is up to scratch.

Atop the connected features, the system is able to save personal preferences for destinations, music playlists, climate control and the stereo's EQ. Down the track, there are plans to keep data on each driver's frequent routes and offer personalised navigation data, in a similar way to Google Maps.

Two smartphones can be connected to the car at once over Bluetooth, and there's the usual array of USB, AUX and other relevant connectors for those who prefer wires. Smartphone mirroring is standard, in the form of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

After rolling out on the Insignia, the new infotainment system will gradually filter down the Opel range to the Astra. Eventually, the Opel and Vauxhall range will lose GM OnStar connectivity, to be replaced with PSA technology.


Holden didn't confirm the new infotainment system for the Commodore, but said it's always "working with Opel to ensure the Commodore remains one of the most high-tech vehicles on the market".

Should the system be added to the local spec sheet, we'd suggest the connected services and online features will follow the rollout of GM OnStar, or the relevant PSA equivalent.