Plus, how one sports car has avoided the usual drop in sales
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Toyota Australia has officially sold 20,000 examples of the 86 since its launch in 2012, making it the first Toyota sports car to top 20,000 sales since the Celica in 1975.

That's right, believe it or not it's been more than four decades since an exciting Toyota sold in such significant numbers. For reference, just 2895 people bought a Supra in Australia, while MR2 sales totalled 3451 over the car's life.

Although it's an unquestionable success story, it's worth mentioning the fact Toyota has struggled to maintain the sales momentum created from launch. 2047 cars found a home after launch in April 2012, while 6706 were shifted in 2013.

Things slowed slightly in 2014 with 4257 sales, before falling off a cliff in 2015 with 3006. The decline continued through 2016 (2068 sales) and 2017 (1619 units).

Why the dramatic drop? It isn't uncommon with sports cars, where a combination of initial hype and scarcity send enthusiasts into a buying frenzy. Once all the excitement dies down and all the people who really want one have laid down their hard-earned, there isn't a massive market for rear-wheel drive sports cars, so sales start to slow.

Some sports cars manage to avoid the post-launch slump, though. You've probably guessed, we're talking about the Ford Mustang.

It arrived late in December 2015, during which 121 lucky muscle car fans had their orders fulfilled, before 6208 were delivered in 2016 and, in the car's biggest year yet, 9165 in 2017. Demand and waiting lists have remained strong throughout that period and, even though there's a new one coming verysoon, 2018 have found a home this year so far.

No, that isn't a typo, the sales figures match the year exactly as of April's end. It'll be interesting to see how the Mustang holds up when the new, more expensive model touches down later this year.