Hotted-up quartet to tour the States
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Volkswagen Australia is sparking enthusiast conversation by only offering the Golf GTI in dual-clutch performance package guise from October this year.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen USA is trying to get car-lovers talking in a different way, rolling out four hotted-up concepts at SOWO: The European Experience in Savannah, Georgia. Here they are, standing out with their dropped suspension and bright paintwork.

Golf R Abstract concept

It might be called Abstract, but the car pictured here is all about urban camouflage on the outside, with an aggressive colour scheme to go with the pattern. The car is a Golf R with Dynamic Chassis Control and navigation, a new spec for the USA, and rides on 20-inch black alloy wheels.

There's also an H&R Springs package to lower the ride height, working with a bodykit and stainless steel exhaust to give the car a bit of extra presence.

Jetta R-Line SoCal concept

Chosen to celebrate the seventh-generation Jetta's arrival in the USA, the R-Line SoCal is designed to blend classic Californian car-tuning culture with a range of retro design cues.

The black graphics running along the side are inspired by the Mk2 Jetta, although the bright yellow accents on the wheels and roof are a thoroughly modern touch. With bigger wheels and lowered suspension, it also has a bit more presence about it than standard Jettas – although that's not necessarily tough.

Arteon R-Line Highlight concept

Eye-searing. That's the phrase we'd use to describe the Arteon Highlight, which is finished in an ultra-fluorescent yellow wrap.

The car rides on 20-inch forged wheels, and sits on lowered suspension to fill the wheel arches. There are no changes under the bonnet, but would you take another look at the yellow wrap!

Tiguan R-Line Aero concept

Forget about go-anywhere practicality – or the illusion of it – because this Tiguan has been slammed. It rides on Air Lift Performance suspension, which drops the ride height by up to 4.8in (12cm), and sits on a set of 20-inch aero wheels.

The exterior is finished in an eye-catching black-and-white livery, offset by bright yellow accents on the nose and badges.

Oh, the roof box gets the same treatment. Now that's cool.

Atlas Tanner Foust SEMA concept

This car was actually revealed last year, but it's going to be on show again. With chunky wheels and a raised ride height, not to mention the chopped bumper and LED lighting system, the previously soft-road Atlas looks ready to take on the Birdsville Track.

These cars will tour the USA as part of the 'Volkswagen enthusiast fleet'. After its stop in Georgia, the procession will run through Michigan, New Jersey, Vermont, Pennsylvania, California and Oregon.