Porsche recreates 911 Turbo 3.0 in giant Lego

And it's a bit terrifying
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There are plenty of interesting – and strange – ways manufacturers celebrate their classic models, but Lego recreations is an increasingly popular one. The latest retro legend to be recreated brick-by-brick is the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0, best known as the first 911 Turbo.

Rather than keeping things low-key, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart took its brick-based tribute and supersized it, creating the (mildly terrifying) green model you see here.

There's no option to buy one of these at your local ToyWorld, because all the bricks are essentially massive versions of the ones contained in the US$30 ($38) Porsche Speed Champions set offered to the general public.

It isn't drivable, and it's never going to leave its museum stand, making crash tests like this one redundant, but there's something endearing about such a giant Lego car.

For reference, the real car sitting alongside it makes 194kW of power from its turbocharged flat-six. At the time, that was enough to make it the fastest car in Germany. Nowadays, those outputs pale in comparison to the 397kW on tap in 911 Turbo models, not to mention the bonkers GT2 RS.