President Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines), destroyed 30 smuggled luxury cars to show the nation's commitment in fighting illegal practices.
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The vehicles were crushed during a live TV broadcast.

The president stated that he ordered his Bureau of Customs to crush the high-end cars, using earth moving equipment, as a message to wealthy luxury car enthusiasts who dodge paying import duties and taxes.

Vehicles said to be worth around $2,000,000 were crushed, with a few vehicles earlier pictured (above), such as the Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren nowhere to be seen during this crushing ceremony.

Amongst the cars that were actually crushed are 6x BMWs including an Alpina, 5x Mercedes Benz cars, a Lexus, Corvette Stingray, Ford Explorer, Jaguar Type S, Audi S5 and a 2012 Jeep Wrangler.

Having spent a lot of time in the Philippines ourselves, one could wonder where the high-end cars actually ended up, if not crushed during the ceremony?