At least, that's what Elon says on Twitter
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The more powerful, dual-motor Tesla Model 3 could enter production as soon as July this year, as the brand continues its production ramp-up.

Asked by a Twitter user when the dual-motor model would arrive, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla needs to be building 5000 cars per week before adding another variant to the line.

In a follow-up, the company founder clarified and said that would be "probably July". He also said white leather would likely be added to the options list around the same time.

At the moment, only one Model 3 is available: long-range with rear-wheel drive, and black leather trim. Full specifications haven't been confirmed, but the dual-motor is expected to offer similar range to the current range-topping model, which will do 500km on a charge.

Based on the Model S and X line-ups, it should shave a few tenths off the 0-100km/h time as well. There's no word on whether a Ludicrous-enabled Model S 'P' version will be offered, however.

Along with the fact a higher-performance Model 3 is on the way, the fact Musk thinks production of the go-fast version will begin in July gives us a more detailed window into the brand's plans.

Last week, the first Tesla quarterly report for 2018 said production should "climb rapidly" over the next three months, aimed at building 5000 cars per week by the start of Q3 2018.

There was no concrete guarantee the goal would be met, barring the claim the coming quarter will lay the "groundwork" for the brand to nail the "long-sought ideal combination of high volume, good gross margin and strong operating cash flow".

Having built 2020 cars in the week before the report's release, the plan was to produce 2000 last week – the week ending April 8.