Bentley SUV not happening

I have fallen victim to mentioning the rumoured Bentley SUV a few times now without any real evidence. This was mainly due to the photos after photos and rumours of a joint project between Porsche and Bentley. The project even had a name, it was called the Cross Continental. Thankfully though, someone had the time to actually ask Bentley themselves! Reilly Brennan from Winding Road went asked Bentley's new general manager for public relations, David P. Reuter, if the Bentley SUV was actually in existance.
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So the official Bentley statement?

"Bentley Motors is the maker of powerful, luxurious, grand touring motor cars and an SUV simply does not fit with our model lineup. We have no intention of producing the vehicle described in these reports."

Seems like Bentley doesn't want to jump the bandwagon of other supercar brands by trying to cash in on its name with a SUV. Bentley aren't exactly in much financial problems. Figures from the U.S. show that out of Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and even Maybach, Bentley is the best seller