Victoria Police Fuel Speed Camera Debate

The Sunday Age reports Victoria Police will go all the way to the Supreme Court to prosecute speeding motorists that have been let off by the magistrates court.
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Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby confirmed that police would take every single successful driver's appeal to the Supreme Court, as long as it was not backed up by technical evidence.

In other words if you can prove to the judge, on your own and without expert evidence, that you were not speeding, Victoria police will see you in the Supreme Court. A move which will leave many motorists scared of challenging their speeding tickets.

Mr Ashby also reinstated that Speed Cameras are all about road safety and not revenue raising, despite the Victorian government making in excess of $200 million per year from Traffic Camera Office tickets alone.

Millions of motorists have now been caught speeding Australia wide, but with the rising road toll, we have to ask, if Victoria police wants expert advise to beat a speeding ticket, we want solid, independent expert advise that speed cameras save lives in Australia!

We are waiting...