Repeat drink-drivers, drivers who refuse to be tested or first time offenders caught with a reading above 0.15 will soon have to pay for alcohol interlocks to be installed in their cars under new rules passed by Queensland Parliament today.


The system which has been in use in  many countries for many years will not allow a vehicle to start if the driver fails a breath test. Unfortunately it doesn't stop another person from blowing into the device to start the car.

The installation of the system will cost around $2,000 and we have to wonder if it can be installed in new vehicles with smart-key start button ignition systems.

The trials of the system had began as early as 2001 and now, 9 year later, the system is finally being put to use. Queensland's Transport Minister Rachel Nolan says the government was being cautious "The implementation of interlocks is a complex undertaking," she said.

The mandatory interlock rules will be in full affect by the end of the year.