With 2017 now done and dusted, we turn our eyes to the new year. The first cab off the rank on the global motor show circuit is Detroit, and we'll be on the ground to bring you the latest news.
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Opened in 1899, Detroit's big show lays claim to being the second oldest event of its kind, with only the one year-older Paris motor show outdoing it. (The New York motor show followed in 1900.)

The 2018 Detroit motor show (officially the North American International Auto Show) will run from January 13-28.

What can you expect to see at the show? Catch our growing list below, and keep returning as we add new details!

Press conference schedule

Resource limitation means not all presentations will be covered by CarAdvice, but you might like to know just what's on…

Sunday, Jan 14:

  • 12:30pm Ray Tanguay Automotive Advisor to the Governments of Ontario and Canada on the Atrium stage.
  • 1:30pm Elaine Chao, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation on the Atrium stage.
  • 2:30pm Artificial intelligence, "Beyond the Buzzword" on the Atrium stage.
  • 3:30pm Intel on the Atrium stage
  • 4:30pm Ford
  • 7:30pm Mercedes-Benz offsite location

Monday, Jan. 15:

  • 7:50am NAIAS Welcome on the Atrium stage, and VDA in Room 360
  • 7:55am NACTOY on the Atrium stage
  • 8:10am Schaeffler in Room 360
  • 8:10am Lexus
  • 9:05am Ram
  • 9:35am BMW Group (Mini) (Rolls-Royce)
  • 10:05am Volkswagen
  • 10:35am Nissan
  • 11:05am Acura
  • 11:35am Kia
  • 12:05pm Hyundai
  • 12:35pm Infiniti
  • 1:05pm Toyota
  • 1:35pm Chinese company GAC
  • 2:10pm Blackberry Keynote on the Atrium stage
  • 3:20pm Magna on the Atrium stage
  • 3:55pm Techstars Mobility on the Atrium stage
  • 4:35pm Rainbow Push Coalition on the Atrium stage
  • 6pm Lamborghini offsite event

Tuesday, Jan. 16:

  • 8am Jeep
  • 9:05am IndyCar
  • 9:35am Michelin
  • 10:05am ZF
  • 10:35 Roadshow by CNET
  • 11:05am Aramco
  • 11:30am Politico on the Atrium stage
  • 12:05pm Hitachi
  • 12:35pm Steel Market Development Institute on the concourse
  • 1pm Techstars Mobility pitch competition on the Planet M stage
  • 1:05pm Rochling in Room 338
  • 1:35pm MEDC on the Planet M and Atrium stage
  • 2:05pm ECharge on the Atrium stage
  • 3:05pm Reviver Auto on the Atrium stage
  • 3:35pm Park Whiz on the Atrium stage
  • 4pm Eyeson Design Awards on the Atrium stage
  • 4:45pm PlanetM Awards on the Planet M stage