73,000 utes could be susceptible to fire risk, parts now available
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UPDATE, 21/6/18: Ford Australia has expanded this recall, and has announced parts are now available to rectify the fault. See article for more details.

Ford Australia has issued a recall for 73,000 Ranger utes, over concerns a buildup of debris on the vehicle's underbody could pose a fire risk.

The Blue Oval says affected units can accumulate vegetation on the underside of the vehicle when driven over long grass.

If the condition occurs, the buildup could come into contact with the exhaust system, causing a fire in the underbody area.

The recalled Rangers were sold from 12 July 2016 through 5 April 2018. An updated VIN list can be viewed here.

Until parts become available, owners are advised to refer to warnings in the owner's manual, particularly in the following sections:

  • Starting and Stopping the Engine - General Information
  • Starting and Stopping the Engine - Diesel particulate Filter
  • Fuel and Refueling - Catalytic Converter

UPDATE, 21/12/17: A current-generation Ranger was reported on December 19 to have caught fire while parked in Cairns, although Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Cairns have put the incident down to an electrical fault, seemingly unrelated to this recall.

On June 21, 2018, Ford Australia issued an updated statement regarding this recall, saying the following:

"We now have parts available to address this concern.

A heat shield will be fitted to the exhaust system together with an underbody deflector shield (mounted between the suspension and transmission cross members).

This will minimise the accumulation of grass and other debris and prevent contact to the high temperature areas of the exhaust system."

Ford's local division added that a manufacturing production fix went live on 5 April 2018, hence why the affected build dates were extended.

The related Mazda BT-50 has also been recalled for the same issue, affecting approximately 20,000 units locally.