Alfa Romeo 4C concept likely for August unveiling

It is expected Alfa Romeo will reveal a concept version of the “4C” – a sporty little sister to the stunning Alfa Romeo 8C – as a part of its 100
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anniversary celebrations in August this year.

US website AutomobileMag has published a rendering of a roadster version of the 4C after talking with a company insider at Fiat headquarters.

“The 8C has been a very successful halo car. What we need next is a more affordable follow-up model that spreads the message over a wider customer base,” the source said.

Don’t expect the 4C to be a supercar though, if rumours are anything to go by.

It is expected the 4C will share the 8C’s curves and its rear-wheel drive layout, although its platform is unknown at this stage.

Power is tipped to come from a high-performance four-cylinder engine, most likely turbocharged, which may deliver around 180kW.

It is believed both convertible and coupe versions are in line for production with 5000 expected to be made and $75,000 apparently the magic number.

It is expected the 4C concept will be unveiled at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble beach in August, but if it really is the works expect to see and hear plenty more about it before then.