Independent crash-testing authority ANCAP has released its latest safety ratings this week, with the Haval H2, Honda CR-V and LDV T60 all receiving five-star scores.
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The H2 and T60 join the MG GS as the only Chinese cars to wear a five-star safety rating, scoring 35.46 and 34.88 out of 37 points respectively.

James Goodwin, CEO of ANCAP, said: "The LDV T60 dual cab enters the Australasian market this week with the five-star rating it needs to gain sales traction in the highly competitive utility segment".

"The T60 performed well in our crash tests, although like all light commercial utes currently rated, it lacks autonomous emergency braking."

ANCAP's five-star rating applies to all four-wheel drive dual-cab variants of the T60.

Meanwhile, Goodwin also praised the Haval H2 for its performance during crash tests.

"Haval came close with its large SUV, the H9, which scored four stars when rated last year but the H2 improves on that rating, reaching five stars through increased levels of occupant protection," he said.

The five-star rating applies to all H2 variants sold from October 2015 in Australia, and August 2017 in New Zealand.

Finally, the new-generation Honda CR-V also scored top marks, with the rating applying across all variants.

"Customers who have bought or are considering the Honda CR-V which launched earlier this year can be assured of a high level of safety with low injury readings recorded in all physical crash tests," said Goodwin.