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Volkswagen Touareg at Geneva Motor Show

After releasing its hybrid model this morning, Volkswagen have displayed the new, conventionally-powered Touareg models at Geneva this afternoon.
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To reduce costs, the new Touareg loses some of its 4WD ability (in standard form) this time round with a Torsen limited-slip differential now fitted. A Terrain Tech Pack that adds the differentials and serious off-road capability that once came standard is now available at a cost.

The result? Coupled with the body's more slippery shape and lower Cd, Touareg has now netted better fuel economy than ever before.

Worldwide, VW sold half-a-million previous generation Touaregs, and if the looks alone are anything to go by, this one should do even better.

Full specs and Australian delivery timing will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

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