Forza Motorsport 7 now on sale: Racing gamers rejoice! - UPDATE

UPDATE: Coinciding with the launch of the game today, Xbox has partnered with Porsche Australia to create the Xbox Onesie. See article for details.
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Racing has been revolutionised yet again at the hands of Turn 10 Studios. On sale from today, Forza Motorsport 7 boasts almost twice as many cars as before, and more race tracks than ever.

Turn 10 says it has built this latest Forza instalment from the ground up, designed to accentuate the effort that went into creating stunning graphics for each worldwide race track.

Available on Xbox One and Windows 10, the game packs new features like dynamic weather, customisable drivers and a brand-new campaign mode.

The game ships with over 700 cars to collect and, most notably, Porsche has signed onto the Forza franchise for the next six years – a deal which Forza proudly promotes with its cover car, the 2018 Porsche GT2 RS.

Unfortunately, though, we’ve lost Toyota. Thanks to licensing issues, the only glimpse of the Japanese giant we’ll get is through some of its race cars and the Subaru BRZ. (If we're lucky, we might see the two companies overcome this hurdle before Toyota reveals its new 'Supra' in the year ahead...)

This iteration is also more accessible to every level of player compared to previous titles. The level of driver aids is higher than ever, should you choose to use them, and the ability to tune your cars however you want is on offer for veteran players.

A grand total of 32 tracks are in play, with over 200 variations to race on. There’s the addition of some fictional race tracks like Dubai Circuit, which includes certain aspects of the Jabal Jais mountains and the famous sand dunes, as well as real race tracks making their debut, like Virginia International Raceway.

The weather system in the game has been developed to be dynamic mid-race, with dark clouds forming while racing around certain circuits and heavy downpours an often occurrence forcing you to change up your racing strategy.

The game is on sale today, priced from $59.99 right up to $139.99 depending on whether you’re interested in the additional car packs and gameplay content.

Meanwhile, Xbox has partnered with Porsche Australia to create the 'Xbox Onesie: Forza Motorsport 7 Performance Edition'(above). Featuring fully-breathable fabric and a personalised fit, the onesie is designed for gamers to hit the couch for hours on end in unrivalled comfort. Pay attention to Xbox Australia's Facebook page for your chance to win one.

Stay tuned later this week to read our full review.