Nissan Leaf Coming to Australia 2012

Ahead of an official preview of a prototype Nissan LEAF in Sydney in the next few weeks, Nissan Australia Managing Director & CEO Dan Thompson said the all-electric LEAF will be on sale in Australia by 2012.
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Speaking to Journalists at the launch of the company's premium 370Z Roadster, Mr Thompson said the Nissan LEAF is the company's solution to zero emission vehicles and is the first one of a series of zero emission cars expected from the Japanese giant.


The all-electric LEAF, which can go for 160km on one single charge, will go on sale in the United States and Japan this year before a global roll out takes place in 2011-2012.

The environmentally friendly vehicle makes use of lithium ion battery packs to achieve its results and there is already talk of Nissan working on lighter batteries that can deliver almost 650km on one single charge.


Nissan is hoping that support from the Australian government will help spread the message that zero emission all-electric cars are here and able to meet the daily driving needs of most Australians.