Smart has taken to social media to tease its upcoming concept bound for the Frankfurt motor show next month - an autonomous electric vehicle.
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Pitched as "the smart vision of urban mobility for tomorrow", not much is given away by the Mercedes-Benz micro car subsidiary other than the image of the vehicle's face posted on Instagram, which replaces the traditional front grille with a screen saying "on my way".

In a press release, parent company Daimler describes the vehicle as a "fully-autonomously driving study is the first model to comprehensively embody all four pillars of the corporate strategy CASE: "Connected", "Autonomous", "Shared" and "Electric".

"It stands for maximum mobility efficiency in and for the urban environment thanks to systematic further development of the carsharing concept, and makes the vision of individualised, highly flexible urban public transport a reality."

Going by the single image, the Smart concept gets a unique design to the company's current range, though it's likely the new vehicle will be based on the Fortwo and Forfour (above).