While the SS badge dies with the locally produced Commodore later this year, Holden hasn't ruled out returning the badge under another model.

Speaking exclusively with CarAdvice at the drive of Holden's yet-to-be-released Commodore at Lang Lang earlier this week, Holden director of communications Sean Poppitt reignited hope that the SS badge could make a comeback.

"Calais stays, but SS doesn't. Outside of that, we'll let you know. We're still six months away from launch," Poppitt said.

"The only product that currently has it [the SS name] in Australia is the V8 Commodore. So when we stop making V8s, that's when we stop the SS.

"It's a GM name, so it's also used on Camaros and other performance vehicles. None of which I can comment on coming to Australia, but can I categorically say that you won't see SS on a GM vehicle in Australia again? No."

Outside of Holden's offering in Australia, the SS badge is used on the Chevrolet Camaro, which has been rumoured to be a potential right-hand drive model for some time.

While the SS name won't return to the Commodore again, there's every chance this is a hint into Holden's rear-wheel-drive sports car, which the brand teased us with some time ago, but never revealed any further details.

Which two-door sports car would you like to see in Australia from GM's global line up?

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