While the SS badge dies with the locally produced Commodore later this year, Holden hasn't ruled out returning the badge under another model.
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Speaking exclusively with CarAdvice at the drive of Holden's yet-to-be-released Commodore at Lang Lang earlier this week, Holden director of communications Sean Poppitt reignited hope that the SS badge could make a comeback.

"Calais stays, but SS doesn't. Outside of that, we'll let you know. We're still six months away from launch," Poppitt said.

"The only product that currently has it [the SS name] in Australia is the V8 Commodore. So when we stop making V8s, that's when we stop the SS.

"It's a GM name, so it's also used on Camaros and other performance vehicles. None of which I can comment on coming to Australia, but can I categorically say that you won't see SS on a GM vehicle in Australia again? No."

Outside of Holden's offering in Australia, the SS badge is used on the Chevrolet Camaro, which has been rumoured to be a potential right-hand drive model for some time.

While the SS name won't return to the Commodore again, there's every chance this is a hint into Holden's rear-wheel-drive sports car, which the brand teased us with some time ago, but never revealed any further details.

Which two-door sports car would you like to see in Australia from GM's global line up?

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