The styling of the next-generation Renault Megane RS has been revealed via filings made with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
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These rendered images of Renault's new hot hatch were first published on the WorldScoop forum, and confirm earlier leaks of the car's side and rear to be genuine.

To accompany the car's wider track, the new Megane RS has flared front and rear wheel arches, with the front set featuring a prominent set of vents. At the back, the Megane RS has a large rear diffuser and a central trapezoidal exhaust tip surround.

While the shape of the headlights and tail-lights seem to be the same as on less potent Megane hatchbacks, the RS looks as though it has new graphics for both. There's also an aggressive design for the front bumper with chequered flag-style LED fog lights.

Renault has yet to confirm which engine will motivate the car, but as part of the vehicle's long teaser campaign, we already know it will be available with a manual transmission, as well as dual-clutch affair.

Two chassis setups will be offered with the new RS: a track-focussed Cup specification, and the friendlier and more comfortable Sport.

The new Megane RS will also be available with four-wheel steering, which is said to improve low-speed agility when the rear wheels are steered in opposition, as well as an increase high-speed stability when the rear wheels are moved unison with the front wheels.

Also discovered on WIPO is a filing for an updated version of the Megane GT, with the warm hatch gaining a meaner front fascia, and the RS' light graphics.

The new Megane RS and, likely, the GT update will be unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show in September.