Saab 9-5 current production comes to an end

The Saab 9-5, which has been in production since 1997, has officially ended production today at the company's Trollhattan plant.
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The final example of the 9-5, a SportCombi (wagon), is now destined to spend its life in the Saab museum in Trollhattan. Although Saab was still building wagon variants of the 9-5 until today, 9-5 sedan production ceased last July. In total, Saab produced 483,593 examples of 9-5 variants worldwide.

In a peculiar twist however, the Saab 9-5 will live on, with China's BAIC having bought the rights to the current 9-5 and 9-3 models from GM late last year. Production of the models under BAIC is expected to begin in China within the next two to three years.

As for Saab’s next top-levelling Swedish offering, we expect full production of the new 9-5 model to begin in a few short weeks, with the first example already rolling off the second line in Trollhattan. Sales are forecast to start mid way through the year.