One week out from the General Meeting of Spyker shareholders, more information on the Dutch supercar maker’s plans for the future of Saab has come to light.
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Operating under the Saab Spyker name, both brands will retain independent model lines, with Saab to continue as a niche, premium range.

Three models – 9-3, 9-4 and 9-5 – are all as good as production certainties.

The 9-5 (based on the same platform as General Motors’ Opel Insignia) is due to go on sale from mid-2010. The range will feature sedan, sports estate and X variants (similar to Volvo’s XC70) and is expected to compete against the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series.

The 9-4X crossover is scheduled to follow in early 2011 after its debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. To be produced in Mexico, the 9-4X shares the Cadillac SRX’s Theta Premium architecture and will be sold in both European and North American markets.

The saviour could be the higher-volume 9-3, which will be all-new and “all-Saab” in 2012. Returning to its roots, Saab plans to offer the 9-3 as a hatchback again, as well as expanding the range with a sedan, sports estate, convertible and X model to rival Audi’s A4 and BMW’s 3 Series.

Also in the pipeline is the “9-1” small car, although a fourth model line does not currently fit into the Saab Spyker business plan.

Production from both Mexico and Trollhättan, Sweden, is expected to rise to pre-GFC levels of between 100,000 and 125,000 vehicles per year, with Spyker ambitiously anticipating a profit by 2012.