The Toyota Fengchao Fun concept has been unveiled at the 2017 Shanghai motor show, and probably points the way to the look of the China and Asian market Camry.
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From the side, the concept looks to feature smoothed out versions of the eighth-generation Camry's doors. At the front and rear, the concept has unique styling, with cleaner and sharper details than the already unveiled North American Camry.


The last two generations of the Camry sold in Asia, Russia and other developing markets shared its front- and rear-end design with our Aurion. Thanks to its more formal styling, this car was informally known as the 'prestige' Camry, and was pitched primarily at middle class buyers.

If the Fun concept's sportier and more contemporary features carry through to the production car, Toyota will likely tweak the messaging and market positioning surrounding the new Camry.


It's unlikely we'll ever see this version of the Camry down under, with the local arm already confirming Australian dealers will receive Japan-built versions of the North American Camry from late 2017.

As buyers move in ever larger numbers from traditional medium and large family sedans to crossovers, Toyota Australia has decided to consolidate its offerings in that end of the market.

Beginning with the launch of the next-generation Camry, the Aurion line will be dropped in favour of a Camry V6 model, which will be sold alongside four-cylinder and hybrid models.