Increase speed limits, says Sam Newman

Notorious Channel 9 celebrity Sam Newman yesterday won an appeal in the Melbourne Magistrate's Court for extra time to prepare his defence for a speeding fine issued in 2008.
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Following his successful appeal, Mr Newman spoke with Triple M's Eddie McGuire and said that speeding fines are a "man revenue stream" and that Melbourne Police were "bending over backwards to keep people off the road".

Source: AAP

Mr Newman also said, "the rules and speed limits are so confusing and ridiculous...I know this will stir people up and they’ll say it’s not responsible, but why you would have to drive 100km/h down to Geelong on a four-lane highway is ridiculous.

"Why you couldn’t drive 120km/h up the Hume Highway and stop trucks tailgating you.

"Why you wouldn’t limit trucks to 100km/h and why you would let trucks drive in the right-hand lane.”

While Mr Newman's views are normally outlandish and totally ridiculous, we think he might just be on to something.

What are your thoughts on the matter?