Hyundai Wants Better Image

Hyundai America has began a new type of marketing campaign to initiate a change of perception towards the Korean manufacturer. For many, the thought of a Hyundai (or Kia) conjures images of cheap and nasty Excels stuck on the side of the road, and this image is stalling sales, the company believes.
Hyundai 2007
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The "Think about it" campaign starts by showing off Hyundai vehicles without mentioning the brand at all. Instead it aims to intrigue the audience to visit Hyundai's new website,

"The Hyundai brand has an opportunity to define itself in the eyes of the consumer," says Jeff Goodby, co-chairman of the ad agency in charge of the campaign. "We feel that the campaign will close the huge gap between the reality of Hyundai vehicles and perceptions that consumers have about the brand."

One of the more interesting commercials asks viewers to ponder: "Shouldn't a car have more airbags than cupholders?" While a print ad shows a sumo wrestler representing Hyundai's 10-year, 100,000-mile new-vehicle warranty (U.S. only) against the opposition which offer lesser warranties.

Fortunately for Hyundai, the marketing campaign is backed up by solid vehicles and a great deal of promise for the future.

The Korean company is working on a V8 powered, rear-wheel-drive sedan (concept Genesis) for next year, while also recently announcing the next-generation Tiburon will be more performance focused with a rear-wheel-drive setup and performance bits.