Peugeot has new diesel engine

Peugeot has developed a new 1.6 litre HDi turbo diesel engine with 83kW and a maximum torque output of 270 Nm, an increase of 12.5 percent over the current engine. The 308 CC will be the first model offered with this engine.
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The engine meets the new Euro five emission standards and has improved performance over the previous 82kW engine it replaces. Noise reduction, improved fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions are all better than the out going engine.
Compared to the previous engine the new engine has more than 50 per cent of the parts redesigned and has Extreme Combustion Chamber System (ECCS) technology.

The new designed combustion chamber has a lower compression ratio (16 compared to 17.5), this creates more power with a reduction in emissions. The combustion chamber has increased by 10 per cent which helps reduce the amount of unburnt fuel. The pressure in the common rail injection system has been increased to 1,650 bars compared to 1600 bars previously, and new piezo-electric injectors with seven apertures which replace the solenoid injectors with six apertures.

Updated engine management software improves efficiency by improving the air/deisel mix for maximum performance and improved fuel efficiency. The turbo is smaller and has a lower inertia, this reduces response time to a minimum.
The new diesel engine will be available in the 308 CC in both Sport and SE trim and will be called the HDi 112.