Jaguar Land Rover made 29 trademark filings around February 22, hinting at possible new models from Tata-owned luxury car maker.
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According to AutoGuide, which made the discovery, many of these filings were to renew existing model names, but there are 14 new or revived names that have piqued our interest.

Among the names registered by the company that could be used for future new Jaguar models are P-Type, T-Type and XJS. The XJS name was last used on a range of large luxury coupes and convertibles in 1996. After it went out of production, it replaced by the XK8.

The company also filed trademarks for C-XE, CXF and CXJ, which we presume will be used for future concept cars, and diXE, iXE, XEdi and XEi, which sound like electric or diesel-electric variants of the entry-level XE model.

Jaguar also registered Westminster, hinting at a possible variant of the top-of-the-line XJ.


Land Rover and Range Rover fans may be interested to learn that the British automaker has also filed to protect the Freestyle, Landmark, Landy, Range Rover Classic, Sawtooth and Stormer nameplates.

As is usual when we talk about trademark and patent filings from car companies, it's highly likely that most or possibly all of these names will go unused.