Honda recalls 17,000 Civics

Honda Australian today recalled 17,164 2006 and 2007 Civics for a potential stop lamp (brake light) switch failure.
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The recalled models include:

  • Civic Sport 07YM.
  • Civic Sport 06YM.
  • Civic Vtil 07YM.
  • Civic Vtil 06YM.
  • Civic Vti 07YM.
  • Civic Vti 06YM.
  • Civic Hybrid 06YM.
  • Civic Hybrid 07YM

Honda admits a possible vehicle safety issue due to a potential failure of the stop lamp switch, which in turn leads to brake lights failing to function when the brake pedal is depressed.

The problem is caused by Honda engineers applying too much grease to the telescopic steering column mechanism. If your Vehicle Identification Number is listed below, please contact your nearest Honda dealer.
VIN Range:

  • Civic Sport 07YM. MRHFD25507P040001 to MRHFD25507P040330. MRHFD26507P040001 to MRHFD26507P040540.
  • Civic Sport 06YM. MRHFD26506P040001 to MRHFD26506P041715. MRHFD25506P040001 to MRHFD25506P040695.
  • Civic VtiL 07YM. MRHFD15707P030001 to MRHFD15707P030330.
  • Civic VtiL 06YM. MRHFD16706P030001 to MRHFD16706P032343. MRHFD15706P030001 to MRHFD15706P030783.
  • Civic Vti 07YM. MRHFD16507P020001 to MRHFD16507P021290.
  • Civic Vti 06YM. MRHFD16506P020001 to MRHFD16506P024980. MRHFD15506P020001 to MRHFD15506P021771.
  • Civic Hybrid 06YM. JHMFD36206S200005 to JHMFD36206S205150.
  • Civic Hybrid 07YM. JHMFD36207S200987 to JHMFD36207S201092.