Toyota i-TRIL concept unveiled at Geneva

Unveiled at the 2017 Geneva motor show, the Toyota i-TRIL concept takes a step into the not-so-distant future, with its eco-friendly mobility vehicle.
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A cross between a trike and the Japanese brand's i-Road concept, the city car features two wheels placed close together at the rear, at just 600mm, and two wheels even further apart at the front with a 1200mm track.

Perhaps handy for the mum or dad on-the-go, the i-TRIL can be driven autonomously, but when the driver wants to take the wheel, there is instead a controller that resembles a gamers joystick - with no instrument cluster or pedals to be seen.


The i-TRIL's separated front wheel and fender design allows the wheels to remain on the ground at a higher speed, much like a motorcycle.

There are no specifications on what power figures the electric motor offers or how large its battery is, although once fully charged, a range of more than 200-kilometres can be reached in the i-TRIL.

The cabin layout is one-plus-two seating, with a front swivel seat. Access is via butterfly doors hinged on each A pillar to make cabin entry easier, even for passengers in the rear.


Weighing 600kg and measuring in at 2830mm long, the i-TRIL would be the perfect runabout in urban areas. Only time will tell if we see a Toyota similar to this, on the production line.

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