The nanny state has taken a new, technical approach to so-called 'hoon' drivers this morning launching a new GPS speed device designed to curb speeding.
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Roads and Ports Minister, Mr Tim Pallas, this morning launched Intelligent Speed Assist - a special GPS speeding device that warn drivers when they go over the limit - which will be put to a three month trial later this year in cars belonging to more than 60 repeat 'hoon' offenders. In all, a total of 500 drivers across the state will eventually be selected to test the technology.

The GPS speed-mapping technology is also used in London and in Sweden. The device gives an audible beep that tells drivers they are over the speed limit.

"The device has been designed to assist motorists to manage their speed," Mr Pallas said."The ISA devices use advanced Speed Limit Mapping technology funded by the TAC and developed by VicRoads to identify and record speed limits across the Victorian road network."

The State Government has invested $2 million and the technology will be available free to anyone who has a GPS system.