2019 Ford Ranger V6 spied in Australia

Don't be fooled, what you're looking at here is the 2019 Ford Ranger, due to be revealed with a raft of new engines in time for its debut to the North American market in 2018.
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The US market Chevrolet Colorado uses a similar body to the Australian Holden Colorado, but is offered in a number of body configurations, which suggests Ford will also go down the same path and the vehicle you see here is merely a shell for the platform change underneath.

While the body and headlights are virtually identical, it's what's beneath the skin that should be cause for excitement. The side-exiting exhaust suggests that this Ranger sports one of three high-output engines.


It's likely to be running either Ford's 2.7-litre turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that produces 242kW of power and 508Nm of torque, or a higher-output version that uses a 3.5-litre turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that produces 280kW of power and 637Nm of torque.

Ford's all-new Power Stroke diesel engine, a 3.0-litre turbocharged Power Stroke V6 diesel, could also feature. Power figures for that unit are still to be announced.

Ford's co-developed 10-speed automatic gearbox is expected to feature across the 2019 Ford Ranger line up given its compatibility with the EcoBoost engine range.


Looking further beneath the skin of this prototype, clues of a higher-output engine are further evidenced by the inclusion of four-wheel disc brakes. The Ranger currently uses disc brakes on the front axle and drum brakes at the rear.

The Ranger isn't the first ute on the market to collect four-wheel disc brakes. The V6 Amarok uses them, as does the Great Wall Steed. Extra braking power is a mandatory engineering item when a ute picks up the kind of power we expect the Ranger to carry.

And, unlike Australia, the North American truck market is keen on - even obsessed with - big engines.


As exclusively revealed and photographed by CarAdvice, a Ranger Raptor will also eventually be launched and we expect that vehicle to run with a potent turbocharged V6 like one of the F-150 EcoBoost offerings.

There's still little detail about Ford's next-generation Ranger for the Australian market. We expect it to include a number of features and perhaps even an engine or two from the US market vehicle. Ford is unlikely to fiddle too much with the formula, given how successful the Ranger has been in Australia.

The 2019 Ford Ranger will spawn the platform for Australia's next-generation Everest and the all-new Ford Bronco, which is being exclusively designed and engineered in the United States.


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