Video: This stealthy big-block VW Bus is a daily driver!

When the 1963 Volkswagen Bus was new, it had a tiny 1200cc engine. The owner of this one, Mike “Hotrod” Rowe, has a 468 Big Block Chevrolet engine in his, which came directly out of a boat.

To make it even quicker, there's some nitrous added for good measure.

The rear end is thanks to a Lincoln Continental and the front end is right out of an Astrovan.

63 big block vw bus

It takes Mike 22 minutes to pull the transmission out and only two hours for the motor.

63 big block vw bus

What’s even more impressive is, he built it in six weeks, and it's now his daily driver.

63 big block vw bus

This guy is nuts, and we applaud him for that.

63 big block vw bus

Via 1320video on YouTube.


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